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If you love to have fun, save money, and help us out, you’ve come to the right place. Generous business owners post flash sales for fun experiences where a significant portion of each purchase goes to our cause. Not only do we receive funding, you get great deals on exclusive vacations, cruises, golf and more. Check out our FAQ to learn more and check back in regularly to learn what's on flash sale!

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About The Partnership for Hope

The Partnership for Hope places and resources volunteers for community service through active partnerships with other faith and community based organizations. We've worked together to create new ministries to address childhood obesity, addiction recovery, physical fitness, the care of senior adults, family-based counseling, a community garden, care for military veterans, and other initiatives to supply basic needs to homeless families, single parents, and struggling families. The Partnership for Hope also resources and mobilizes individuals and small groups of people into service at homeless shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, housing facilities for low income and mentally challenged adults, and other local and regional faith-based ministries and community programs. It also promotes and provides leadership and support for regional events like Dauphin County Faith Summits, Veteran’s Support and Resource Showcase, Pennsylvania Child Welfare Roundtables, the Capitol Region United Way Basic Needs Summit, Harrisburg School District Poverty Simulations, and hosts fundraisers for community organizations like Caitlin’s Smiles, a charity that provides craft supplies and companionship to kids who are struggling with terminal illness. OUR MISSION: The Partnership for Hope seeks to help people at their point of need, improve existing human services, resource volunteers for meaningful, need-targeted community service, and foster impactful collaborative efforts with other organizations. OUR VISION: Bringing life-changing hope and help to struggling people by fostering community-changing collaboration.

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We connect people in need to programs and organizations that are truly helpful



"We're delighted to give our donors a way to have fun and help our cause at the same time!"