About This Program and How it Works

The next time you're looking to take the family on a vacation or just take your foursome out for a round of golf, consider purchasing one of the fun experiences here. You’ll enjoy a great value and you’ll be helping us at the same time. You've just discovered a new way to help The Partnership for Hope. Experiences (vacations, golf, lessons and much more) are provided by generous business owners. Currently, there are $10,291,227 in great experiences that you can enjoy!

When I make a purchase, what do I get?

At checkout, you get a printer friendly certificate (voucher for a fun experience) that includes full redemption instructions. It’s transferable (so you can give it to a friend) but it is NOT refundable. If you lose your certificate, don’t worry because you’ll also be able to log in later and re-print your certificate if necessary.

For Business Owners  

Partner - Blah blah blah

Donate - We can promote your business to our supporters, and we can promote special incentives that you offer. In addition, you can post a fun experience for our supporters to enjoy. See more.

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